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How to Use Various Makeup Brushes

Use a foundation brush to apply a small amount of foundation to the center of your face, then smooth out using sweeping motions upward and out. Apply more as needed to get even all-over coverage.

A concealer brush consists of flat, dense bristles, which allow you to cover blemishes and dark spots or circles with precision. Begin by applying a small amount of concealer to the trouble spot or directly to the brush, using the small edge to reach the nooks around your eyes and nose.

A powder brush's bristles are loosely packed to give this brush a fluffy and rounded shape. Add loose or pressed powder to your brush, gently tap off any excess, then softly sweep your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

We carry various blush brushes to give you the desired look when applying blush or bronzer.

Use an angled brush for a diffused and natural look, a small dense brush to create a bold look that pops, and a fluffy blush brush to create a look somewhere in the middle.

Crease blending brushes are loosely packed and round off gently at the top. Use this brush to blend two eye shadow colors or to create a smoky effect. Find the crease of your eye by locating the prominent bone above your eye. The space directly below is where your crease begins.
Start by applying a small amount of eye shadow to the brush and placing the brush on the outer part of your eye crease. Then, using gently back-and-forth sweeping motions, apply your product until you've achieved the desired look.

Use any of our eye shadow brushes to apply and layer eye makeup. We carry small, large and angled brushes.

In addition to applying powder to eyebrows for a natural finish, the angled eyebrow smudger brush can be used to create a softer or smudged eyeliner look. Apply eye shadow over existing eyeliner or onto the naked lid. To use, drag the brush's edge through your eye shadow, and then across your eyelid starting from the inside.