The Eye Eclipse – Prevent Fine Lines Under Eyes

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Disposable Eclipse anti aging makeup removing tool for under eye Reusable Eclipse anti aging makeup removing tool for under eye

We all feel the effects of aging differently. Because of the genetic factors involved in aging, some might age sooner or more quickly than others. One of the most obvious effects of aging is facial sagging and wrinkling. This is most prominent around the eyes, because the skin under and around the eye is extremely delicate. The delicate nature of under eye skin makes it more susceptible to showing the effects of aging first. Daily activities such as rubbing our eyes or removing makeup exacerbates these effects.
To prevent under eye wrinkles, start incorporating the Eye Eclipse into your daily anti-aging skin care regimen.

The Eye Eclipse was designed to stop wrinkles under the eyes by protecting this delicate area when you remove your makeup.

How to prevent under eye wrinkles with The Eye Eclipse:

1. Place The Eye Eclipse under your eye to cover the lower eyelid as well as the area beneath it
2. With eye makeup remover, use a downward motion to remove eyeshadow and mascara
3. The stuff that normally ends up under your eye collects on the Eye Eclipse instead, protecting the under eye area from excessive rubbing
4. If using the Original Eye Eclipse, wash your Eye Eclipse with soap and water, dry, and store for your next use. If using the Disposable Eye Eclipse, throw out after use.

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