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Basic Corrective Makeup Tips

With the proper makeup and technique, using corrective makeup is quick and easy. Whether you want to minimize dark circles and blemishes or smooth your overall complexion, it all starts with just a few simple steps.

To start, wash your face with your favorite cleanser and apply a toner to remove excess dirt and re-balance your skin’s pH. A clean slate will ensure that bacteria don’t have a chance to thrive, and that your face doesn’t develop dry or oily patches throughout the day. Use a moisturizer containing sunblock or Annexea’s anti-aging BB cream, which contains the nourishing ingredients your skin craves alongside SPF 15. This healthy moisturizer and skin protectant is tinted to give you light all-over coverage for an even skin tone base.

If you prefer heavier coverage than a tinted moisturizer can provide, follow up skin cleansing and moisturizing with a foundation. Use a foundation that’s free of harsh chemicals and pore-clogging ingredients. Our aloe-based foundation is 90 percent organic, completely vegan and offers natural mild sun protection. When purchasing a foundation, look at the back of your hand for a color reference. The skin on the back of your hands will most closely match the hue of your facial skin tone. You can blend your foundation with darker or lighter hues from our selection in the winter or summer to continue to match your complexion perfectly.

Apply your foundation with a brush designed for foundation application. Foundation brushes consist of dense, soft bristles that are tightly packed like a paintbrush. Starting in the center of your face, apply a small amount of foundation and blend outward. Continue to blend until your entire face is evenly covered in a thin layer of foundation.
Wash your foundation brush regularly.

Dark spots and blemishes require the attention of a concealer. For dark under eye circles, use a concealer that’s a shade lighter than your skin tone. When dealing with general blemishes, red spots or pimples, choose a concealer that matches your skin tone. Apply your concealer in small increments using the tip of your finger or a small flat brush.

Whether you use a tinted moisturizer, a foundation, concealer or a combination of these, always set these with a translucent setting powder to create a natural finish. Use enough powder to cover your face, but take care not to apply setting powder too liberally as it will result in a look that’s too matte and even to look natural.