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The Eye Eclipse™- A Tool Every Makeup Lover Needs

Ageing or Aging, however you’d like to spell it, means the process of getting older. In this natural process, we can all use a little help to slow down the sings of ageing/aging. This is precisely why I created The Eye Eclipse™, to help slow down the wrinkles around your eyes, which are the first signs of ageing/aging.

The key to amazing skin is a gentle and consistent ritual which includes thoroughly removing your makeup each night.
The Eye Eclipse™ is designed to prevent the unnecessary rubbing and tugging which contribute to under eye wrinkles.
If you wear makeup, especially eye makeup, the best thing you can do for your skin is to take off your makeup before you go to bed; but in doing so, most of us do more harm to our delicate undereye area than we intend.

Our skin weakens with age and starts to show signs of aging, especially around the eyes.
The eye area is a very delicate part of skin that requires special attention and needs to be cleansed with care.

Gentle cleansing starts with your The Eye Eclipse™.
The Eye Eclipse™ is a new, revolutionary tool that will help you shield and protect your under eye area while you take off your makeup.
The Eye Eclipse™ helps prevent excessive rubbing, straining and unnecessary manipulation that goes on while you take off your eye makeup, on a nightly basis.
The Eye Eclipse™ helps you in taking off your makeup the correct way as it protects the most delicate area on your face.
Re-think your eye makeup removing routine and stay younger longer.

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